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isoFrom Director’s Desk :-
After Academic Input, Dedication, hardworking & attitude to give optimum output is behind a successful professional.
This is for true undersigned always struggled to rise one step ahead to become a perfect professional.
Keeping in mind Swami Vivekananda’s saying, “There is no alternative of hard work & perfection makes no compromise.”

K.M. Thacker & Associates is now on high desk to deliver best professional output and optimum result with creativity.

Being a Professional of Architectural, Structural civil and Realty Consultant, our goal is set as,

“To create, design, execute & value reality with real dedication.”


“We do not design the concepts but whatever we design becomes a concept.”

We believe in use of Eco-friendly materials in construction, use of renewable energies, rainwater harvesting etc. keeping in mind the Green Building Concept.


We believe not only in Vastu Shastra but also in Green Vastu – Shastra. We are also a member of IGBC (Indian Green Building Council).


We are basically born & brought up in district of Kachchh which is the heritage of Indus Valley Civilization (Dholaveera), while Kutchi Bhungas are eco-friendly in Earthen Construction.


Keeping in mind, the professionals are always learners / students. We are always in practice of R&D (Research & Development) to give optimum output.

At the end, we believe in “Make for Indian, Make in India, let our heritage grow in Modern era of 21st Century with organic & conventional earthen architecture with minimum value & maximum output of healthy lifestyle.


–K.M. Thacker, K.M. Thacker & his team of Designers

A Man of design with diversity…

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